Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: CSharpScript, GDScript, NativeScript, PluginScript, VisualScript

Category: Core

Brief Description

A class stored as a resource.


String source_code


A class stored as a resource. A script exends the functionality of all objects that instance it.

The new method of a script subclass creates a new instance. Object.set_script extends an existing object, if that object’s class matches one of the script’s base classes.


Property Descriptions

Setter set_source_code(value)
Getter get_source_code()

The script source code or an empty string if source code is not available. When set, does not reload the class implementation automatically.

Method Descriptions

  • bool can_instance ( ) const

Returns true if the script can be instanced.

  • Script get_base_script ( ) const

Returns the script directly inherited by this script.

  • String get_instance_base_type ( ) const

Returns the script’s base type.

  • Array get_script_method_list ( )
  • Array get_script_property_list ( )
  • Array get_script_signal_list ( )
  • bool has_script_signal ( String signal_name ) const

Returns true if the script, or a base class, defines a signal with the given name.

  • bool has_source_code ( ) const

Returns true if the script contains non-empty source code.

Returns true if base_object is an instance of this script.

  • bool is_tool ( ) const

Returns true if the script is a tool script. A tool script can run in the editor.

Reloads the script’s class implementation. Returns an error code.