Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Button for touch screen devices.


Button for touch screen devices. You can set it to be visible on all screens, or only on touch devices.


bool is_pressed ( ) const


  • pressed ( )

Emitted when the button is pressed (down).

  • released ( )

Emitted when the button is released (up).


enum VisibilityMode:

  • VISIBILITY_ALWAYS = 0 --- Always visible.
  • VISIBILITY_TOUCHSCREEN_ONLY = 1 --- Visible on touch screens only.

Property Descriptions

Default ""
Setter set_action(value)
Getter get_action()

The button's action. Actions can be handled with InputEventAction.

Setter set_bitmask(value)
Getter get_bitmask()

The button's bitmask.

Setter set_texture(value)
Getter get_texture()

The button's texture for the normal state.

Default false
Setter set_passby_press(value)
Getter is_passby_press_enabled()

If true, pass-by presses are enabled.

Setter set_texture_pressed(value)
Getter get_texture_pressed()

The button's texture for the pressed state.

Setter set_shape(value)
Getter get_shape()

The button's shape.

  • bool shape_centered
Default true
Setter set_shape_centered(value)
Getter is_shape_centered()

If true, the button's shape is centered in the provided texture. If no texture is used, this property has no effect.

  • bool shape_visible
Default true
Setter set_shape_visible(value)
Getter is_shape_visible()

If true, the button's shape is visible.

Default 0
Setter set_visibility_mode(value)
Getter get_visibility_mode()

The button's visibility mode. See VisibilityMode for possible values.

Method Descriptions

  • bool is_pressed ( ) const

Returns true if this button is currently pressed.