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Inherits: Node3D < Node < Object

А node that dynamically copies or overrides the 3D transform of a bone in its parent Skeleton3D.


This node selects a bone in a Skeleton3D and attaches to it. This means that the BoneAttachment3D node will either dynamically copy or override the 3D transform of the selected bone.













get_external_skeleton() const


get_use_external_skeleton() const


on_bone_pose_update(bone_index: int)


set_external_skeleton(external_skeleton: NodePath)


set_use_external_skeleton(use_external_skeleton: bool)

Property Descriptions

int bone_idx = -1

  • void set_bone_idx(value: int)

  • int get_bone_idx()

The index of the attached bone.

String bone_name = ""

The name of the attached bone.

bool override_pose = false

  • void set_override_pose(value: bool)

  • bool get_override_pose()

Whether the BoneAttachment3D node will override the bone pose of the bone it is attached to. When set to true, the BoneAttachment3D node can change the pose of the bone. When set to false, the BoneAttachment3D will always be set to the bone's transform.

Method Descriptions

NodePath get_external_skeleton() const

Returns the NodePath to the external Skeleton3D node, if one has been set.

bool get_use_external_skeleton() const

Returns whether the BoneAttachment3D node is using an external Skeleton3D rather than attempting to use its parent node as the Skeleton3D.

void on_bone_pose_update(bone_index: int)

A function that is called automatically when the Skeleton3D the BoneAttachment3D node is using has a bone that has changed its pose. This function is where the BoneAttachment3D node updates its position so it is correctly bound when it is not set to override the bone pose.

void set_external_skeleton(external_skeleton: NodePath)

Sets the NodePath to the external skeleton that the BoneAttachment3D node should use. See set_use_external_skeleton to enable the external Skeleton3D node.

void set_use_external_skeleton(use_external_skeleton: bool)

Sets whether the BoneAttachment3D node will use an external Skeleton3D node rather than attempting to use its parent node as the Skeleton3D. When set to true, the BoneAttachment3D node will use the external Skeleton3D node set in set_external_skeleton.

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