Inherits: Object

Manages the SceneTree selection in the editor.


This object manages the SceneTree selection in the editor.

Note: This class shouldn't be instantiated directly. Instead, access the singleton using EditorInterface.get_selection.


  • selection_changed ( )

Emitted when the selection changes.

Method Descriptions

  • void add_node ( Node node )

Adds a node to the selection.

Note: The newly selected node will not be automatically edited in the inspector. If you want to edit a node, use EditorInterface.edit_node.

  • void clear ( )

Clear the selection.

  • Node[] get_selected_nodes ( )

Gets the list of selected nodes.

  • Array get_transformable_selected_nodes ( )

Gets the list of selected nodes, optimized for transform operations (i.e. moving them, rotating, etc). This list avoids situations where a node is selected and also child/grandchild.

  • void remove_node ( Node node )

Removes a node from the selection.