Using FontsΒΆ

Godot allows you to set specific fonts for different UI nodes.

There are three different places where you can setup font usage. The first is the theme editor. Choose the node you want to set the font for and select the font tab. The second is in the inspector for control nodes under Theme Overrides > Fonts. And lastly in the inspector settings for themes under Default Font.

Regardless of where you are creating the font the process is the same. Click on the font setting you want to add a font to and a dropdown will appear with two choices: New Bitmap Font and New Dynamic Font.


Bitmap fonts (.fnt) are a format created by BMFont (many BMFont compatible programs exist, like BMGlyph). If you are using a .fnt file do not select New Bitmap Font. Instead, drag the file from the file system panel to the font slot. Selecting the font after adding it to the font slot gives you three settings that can be changed: height, ascent and distance field. Distance field fonts were never reimplemented for Godot 3 and do not work in that version.

Dynamic Font supports the following formats: - TrueType (.ttf) - OpenType (.otf) - Web Open Font Format 1 (.woff) - Web Open Font Format 2 (.woff2, since Godot 4.0)

If you are using one of these select New Dynamic Font. Click on it to open its settings in the inspector. From here open the Font settings and add your font file to the Font Data slot. The dynamic font resource is now using the font you selected.

There are several options you can adjust. Extra Spacing options control the spacing of characters. Settings control the general settings of the font.


In addition, the font data has antialiasing and hinting settings you can see if you click on it. If you want to adjust either of these you need to make the font data resource unique, then save it to a .tres file. Adjusting the font file will not work because .ttf/ .otf/.woff/.woff2 files can't contain metadata about antialiasing or hinting.

If you want to use the same font again but with different settings, such as a larger size or an outline, create another dynamic font resource using the same font file, and make the adjustments that you want.