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Inherits: Light3D < VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

Omnidirectional light, such as a light bulb or a candle.


An Omnidirectional light is a type of Light3D that emits light in all directions. The light is attenuated by distance and this attenuation can be configured by changing its energy, radius, and attenuation parameters.

Note: When using the Mobile rendering method, only 8 omni lights can be displayed on each mesh resource. Attempting to display more than 8 omni lights on a single mesh resource will result in omni lights flickering in and out as the camera moves. When using the Compatibility rendering method, only 8 omni lights can be displayed on each mesh resource by default, but this can be increased by adjusting ProjectSettings.rendering/limits/opengl/max_lights_per_object.

Note: When using the Mobile or Compatibility rendering methods, omni lights will only correctly affect meshes whose visibility AABB intersects with the light's AABB. If using a shader to deform the mesh in a way that makes it go outside its AABB, GeometryInstance3D.extra_cull_margin must be increased on the mesh. Otherwise, the light may not be visible on the mesh.














1.0 (overrides Light3D)


enum ShadowMode:


Shadows are rendered to a dual-paraboloid texture. Faster than SHADOW_CUBE, but lower-quality.

ShadowMode SHADOW_CUBE = 1

Shadows are rendered to a cubemap. Slower than SHADOW_DUAL_PARABOLOID, but higher-quality.

Property Descriptions

float omni_attenuation = 1.0

Controls the distance attenuation function for omnilights.

A value of 0.0 smoothly attenuates light at the edge of the range. A value of 1.0 approaches a physical lighting model. A value of 0.5 approximates linear attenuation.

Note: Setting it to 1.0 may result in distant objects receiving minimal light, even within range. For example, with a range of 4096, an object at 100 units receives less than 0.1 energy.

Note: Using negative or values higher than 10.0 may lead to unexpected results.

float omni_range = 5.0

The light's radius. Note that the effectively lit area may appear to be smaller depending on the omni_attenuation in use. No matter the omni_attenuation in use, the light will never reach anything outside this radius.

Note: omni_range is not affected by Node3D.scale (the light's scale or its parent's scale).

ShadowMode omni_shadow_mode = 1

See ShadowMode.

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