Inherits: InputEventMouse < InputEventWithModifiers < InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Input event type for mouse motion events.


Contains mouse and pen motion information. Supports relative, absolute positions and speed. See Node._input.


float pressure 0.0
Vector2 relative Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 speed Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 tilt Vector2( 0, 0 )

Property Descriptions

Default 0.0
Setter set_pressure(value)
Getter get_pressure()

Represents the pressure the user puts on the pen. Ranges from 0.0 to 1.0.

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_relative(value)
Getter get_relative()

The mouse position relative to the previous position (position at the last frame).

Note: Since InputEventMouseMotion is only emitted when the mouse moves, the last event won't have a relative position of Vector2(0, 0) when the user stops moving the mouse.

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_speed(value)
Getter get_speed()

The mouse speed in pixels per second.

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_tilt(value)
Getter get_tilt()

Represents the angles of tilt of the pen. Positive X-coordinate value indicates a tilt to the right. Positive Y-coordinate value indicates a tilt toward the user. Ranges from -1.0 to 1.0 for both axes.