Class representing a signal defined in an object.


Signal Signal ( Object object, StringName signal_name )
int connect ( Callable callable, Array binds=[ ], int flags=0 )
Variant disconnect ( Callable callable )
void emit ( ... ) vararg
Array get_connections ( )
StringName get_name ( )
Object get_object ( )
int get_object_id ( )
bool is_connected ( Callable callable )
bool is_null ( )

Method Descriptions

Creates a new signal named signal_name in the given object.

Connects this signal to the specified Callable, optionally providing binds and connection flags.

Disconnects this signal from the specified Callable.

  • void emit ( ... ) vararg

Emits this signal to all connected objects.

  • Array get_connections ( )

Returns the list of Callables connected to this signal.

Returns the name of this signal.

Returns the object emitting this signal.

  • int get_object_id ( )

Returns the ID of the object emitting this signal (see Object.get_instance_id).

Returns true if the specified Callable is connected to this signal.