Inherits: Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

A node with the ability to send HTTP(S) requests.


void cancel_request ( )
int get_body_size ( ) const
int get_downloaded_bytes ( ) const
Status get_http_client_status ( ) const
Error request ( String url, PoolStringArray custom_headers=PoolStringArray( ), bool ssl_validate_domain=true, Method method=0, String request_data=”” )


Emitted when a request is completed.


enum Result:

  • RESULT_SUCCESS = 0 — Request successful.
  • RESULT_CANT_CONNECT = 2 — Request failed while connecting.
  • RESULT_CANT_RESOLVE = 3 — Request failed while resolving.
  • RESULT_CONNECTION_ERROR = 4 — Request failed due to connection (read/write) error.
  • RESULT_SSL_HANDSHAKE_ERROR = 5 — Request failed on SSL handshake.
  • RESULT_NO_RESPONSE = 6 — Request does not have a response (yet).
  • RESULT_BODY_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED = 7 — Request exceeded its maximum size limit, see body_size_limit.
  • RESULT_REQUEST_FAILED = 8 — Request failed. (Unused)
  • RESULT_DOWNLOAD_FILE_CANT_OPEN = 9 — HTTPRequest couldn’t open the download file.
  • RESULT_DOWNLOAD_FILE_WRITE_ERROR = 10 — HTTPRequest couldn’t write to the download file.
  • RESULT_REDIRECT_LIMIT_REACHED = 11 — Request reached its maximum redirect limit, see max_redirects.


A node with the ability to send HTTP requests. Uses HTTPClient internally.

Can be used to make HTTP requests, i.e. download or upload files or web content via HTTP.

Example of loading and displaying an image using HTTPRequest:

func _ready():
    # Create an HTTP request node and connect its completion signal.
    var http_request =
    http_request.connect("request_completed", self, "_http_request_completed")

    # Perform the HTTP request. The URL below returns a PNG image as of writing.
    var error = http_request.request("")
    if error != OK:
        push_error("An error occurred in the HTTP request.")

# Called when the HTTP request is completed.
func _http_request_completed(result, response_code, headers, body):
    var image =
    var error = image.load_png_from_buffer(body)
    if error != OK:
        push_error("Couldn't load the image.")

    var texture =

    # Display the image in a TextureRect node.
    var texture_rect =
    texture_rect.texture = texture

Property Descriptions

  • int body_size_limit
Default -1
Setter set_body_size_limit(value)
Getter get_body_size_limit()

Maximum allowed size for response bodies.

Default “”
Setter set_download_file(value)
Getter get_download_file()

The file to download into. Will output any received file into it.

  • int max_redirects
Default 8
Setter set_max_redirects(value)
Getter get_max_redirects()

Maximum number of allowed redirects.

Default 0
Setter set_timeout(value)
Getter get_timeout()

Default false
Setter set_use_threads(value)
Getter is_using_threads()

If true, multithreading is used to improve performance.

Method Descriptions

  • void cancel_request ( )

Cancels the current request.

  • int get_body_size ( ) const

Returns the response body length.

Note: Some Web servers may not send a body length. In this case, the value returned will be -1. If using chunked transfer encoding, the body length will also be -1.

  • int get_downloaded_bytes ( ) const

Returns the amount of bytes this HTTPRequest downloaded.

  • Status get_http_client_status ( ) const

Returns the current status of the underlying HTTPClient. See STATUS_* enum on HTTPClient.

Creates request on the underlying HTTPClient. If there is no configuration errors, it tries to connect using HTTPClient.connect_to_host and passes parameters onto HTTPClient.request.

Returns @GlobalScope.OK if request is successfully created. (Does not imply that the server has responded), @GlobalScope.ERR_UNCONFIGURED if not in the tree, @GlobalScope.ERR_BUSY if still processing previous request, @GlobalScope.ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER if given string is not a valid URL format, or @GlobalScope.ERR_CANT_CONNECT if not using thread and the HTTPClient cannot connect to host.