Inherits: Object

Manager for the font and complex text layout servers.


TextServerManager is the API backend for loading, enumeration and switching TextServers.

Note: Switching text server at runtime is possible, but will invalidate all fonts and text buffers. Make sure to unload all controls, fonts, and themes before doing so.


Emitted when a new interface has been added.

Emitted when an interface is removed.

Method Descriptions

Registers an TextServer interface.

Finds an interface by its name.

Returns the interface registered at a given index.

  • int get_interface_count ( ) const

Returns the number of interfaces currently registered.

  • Array get_interfaces ( ) const

Returns a list of available interfaces the index and name of each interface.

Returns the primary TextServer interface currently in use.

Removes interface. All fonts and shaped text caches should be freed before removing interface.

Sets the primary TextServer interface.