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Inherits: Object

A singleton for managing TextServer implementations.


TextServerManager is the API backend for loading, enumerating, and switching TextServers.

Note: Switching text server at runtime is possible, but will invalidate all fonts and text buffers. Make sure to unload all controls, fonts, and themes before doing so.



add_interface ( TextServer interface )


find_interface ( String name ) const


get_interface ( int idx ) const


get_interface_count ( ) const


get_interfaces ( ) const


get_primary_interface ( ) const


remove_interface ( TextServer interface )


set_primary_interface ( TextServer index )


interface_added ( StringName interface_name )

Emitted when a new interface has been added.

interface_removed ( StringName interface_name )

Emitted when an interface is removed.

Method Descriptions

void add_interface ( TextServer interface )

Registers a TextServer interface.

TextServer find_interface ( String name ) const

Finds an interface by its name.

TextServer get_interface ( int idx ) const

Returns the interface registered at a given index.

int get_interface_count ( ) const

Returns the number of interfaces currently registered.

Dictionary[] get_interfaces ( ) const

Returns a list of available interfaces, with the index and name of each interface.

TextServer get_primary_interface ( ) const

Returns the primary TextServer interface currently in use.

void remove_interface ( TextServer interface )

Removes an interface. All fonts and shaped text caches should be freed before removing an interface.

void set_primary_interface ( TextServer index )

Sets the primary TextServer interface.

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