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Inherits: Resource < RefCounted < Object

Inherited By: ArrayOccluder3D, BoxOccluder3D, PolygonOccluder3D, QuadOccluder3D, SphereOccluder3D

Occluder shape resource for use with occlusion culling in OccluderInstance3D.


Occluder3D stores an occluder shape that can be used by the engine's occlusion culling system.

See OccluderInstance3D's documentation for instructions on setting up occlusion culling.



get_indices ( ) const


get_vertices ( ) const

Method Descriptions

PackedInt32Array get_indices ( ) const

Returns the occluder shape's vertex indices.

PackedVector3Array get_vertices ( ) const

Returns the occluder shape's vertex positions.