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Inherits: Resource < RefCounted < Object

Collection of OpenXRAction resources that make up an action set.


Action sets in OpenXR define a collection of actions that can be activated in unison. This allows games to easily change between different states that require different inputs or need to reinterpret inputs. For instance we could have an action set that is active when a menu is open, an action set that is active when the player is freely walking around and an action set that is active when the player is controlling a vehicle.

Action sets can contain the same action with the same name, if such action sets are active at the same time the action set with the highest priority defines which binding is active.













add_action ( OpenXRAction action )


get_action_count ( ) const


remove_action ( OpenXRAction action )

Property Descriptions

Array actions = []

  • void set_actions ( Array value )

  • Array get_actions ( )

Collection of actions for this action set.

String localized_name = ""

  • void set_localized_name ( String value )

  • String get_localized_name ( )

The localized name of this action set.

int priority = 0

  • void set_priority ( int value )

  • int get_priority ( )

The priority for this action set.

Method Descriptions

void add_action ( OpenXRAction action )

Add an action to this action set.

int get_action_count ( ) const

Retrieve the number of actions in our action set.

void remove_action ( OpenXRAction action )

Remove an action from this action set.