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Inherits: Object

Inherited By: PhysicsServer3DExtension

A server interface for low-level 3D physics access.


PhysicsServer3D is the server responsible for all 3D physics. It can directly create and manipulate all physics objects:

  • A space is a self-contained world for a physics simulation. It contains bodies, areas, and joints. Its state can be queried for collision and intersection information, and several parameters of the simulation can be modified.

  • A shape is a geometric shape such as a sphere, a box, a cylinder, or a polygon. It can be used for collision detection by adding it to a body/area, possibly with an extra transformation relative to the body/area's origin. Bodies/areas can have multiple (transformed) shapes added to them, and a single shape can be added to bodies/areas multiple times with different local transformations.

  • A body is a physical object which can be in static, kinematic, or rigid mode. Its state (such