Inherits: XRInterface < RefCounted < Object

Our OpenXR interface.


The OpenXR interface allows Godot to interact with OpenXR runtimes and make it possible to create XR experiences and games.

Due to the needs of OpenXR this interface works slightly different then other plugin based XR interfaces. It needs to be initialised when Godot starts. You need to enable OpenXR, settings for this can be found in your games project settings under the XR heading. You do need to mark a viewport for use with XR in order for Godot to know which render result should be output to the headset.


  • OpenXR documentation


  • pose_recentered ( )

Informs the user queued a recenter of the player position.

  • session_begun ( )

Informs our OpenXR session has been started.

  • session_focussed ( )

Informs our OpenXR session now has focus.

  • session_stopping ( )

Informs our OpenXR session is stopping.

  • session_visible ( )

Informs our OpenXR session is now visible (output is being sent to the HMD).