Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Skeleton for 2D characters and animated objects.


Skeleton2D parents a hierarchy of Bone2D objects. It is a requirement of Bone2D. Skeleton2D holds a reference to the rest pose of its children and acts as a single point of access to its bones.

To setup different types of inverse kinematics for the given Skeleton2D, a SkeletonModificationStack2D should be created. They can be applied by creating the desired number of modifications, which can be done by increasing SkeletonModificationStack2D.modification_count.




execute_modifications ( float delta, int execution_mode )


get_bone ( int idx )


get_bone_count ( ) const


get_bone_local_pose_override ( int bone_idx )


get_modification_stack ( ) const


get_skeleton ( ) const


set_bone_local_pose_override ( int bone_idx, Transform2D override_pose, float strength, bool persistent )


set_modification_stack ( SkeletonModificationStack2D modification_stack )


  • bone_setup_changed ( )

Emitted when the Bone2D setup attached to this skeletons changes. This is primarily used internally within the skeleton.

Method Descriptions

  • void execute_modifications ( float delta, int execution_mode )

Executes all the modifications on the SkeletonModificationStack2D, if the Skeleton3D has one assigned.

Returns a Bone2D from the node hierarchy parented by Skeleton2D. The object to return is identified by the parameter idx. Bones are indexed by descending the node hierarchy from top to bottom, adding the children of each branch before moving to the next sibling.

  • int get_bone_count ( ) const

Returns the number of Bone2D nodes in the node hierarchy parented by Skeleton2D.

Returns the local pose override transform for bone_idx.

Returns the SkeletonModificationStack2D attached to this skeleton, if one exists.

  • RID get_skeleton ( ) const

Returns the RID of a Skeleton2D instance.

Sets the local pose transform, override_pose, for the bone at bone_idx.

strength is the interpolation strength that will be used when applying the pose, and persistent determines if the applied pose will remain.

Note: The pose transform needs to be a local transform relative to the Bone2D node at bone_idx!

Sets the SkeletonModificationStack2D attached to this skeleton.