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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Provides access to AES encryption/decryption of raw data.


This class holds the context information required for encryption and decryption operations with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Both AES-ECB and AES-CBC modes are supported.

extends Node

var aes = AESContext.new()

func _ready():
    var key = "My secret key!!!" # Key must be either 16 or 32 bytes.
    var data = "My secret text!!" # Data size must be multiple of 16 bytes, apply padding if needed.
    # Encrypt ECB
    aes.start(AESContext.MODE_ECB_ENCRYPT, key.to_utf8_buffer())
    var encrypted = aes.update(data.to_utf8_buffer())
    # Decrypt ECB
    aes.start(AESContext.MODE_ECB_DECRYPT, key.to_utf8_buffer())
    var decrypted = aes.update(encrypted)
    # Check ECB
    assert(decrypted == data.to_utf8_buffer())

    var iv = "My secret iv!!!!" # IV must be of exactly 16 bytes.
    # Encrypt CBC
    aes.start(AESContext.MODE_CBC_ENCRYPT, key.to_utf8_buffer(), iv.to_utf8_buffer())
    encrypted = aes.update(data.to_utf8_buffer())
    # Decrypt CBC
    aes.start(AESContext.MODE_CBC_DECRYPT, key.to_utf8_buffer(), iv.to_utf8_buffer())
    decrypted = aes