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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Used to create an HMAC for a message using a key.


The HMACContext class is useful for advanced HMAC use cases, such as streaming the message as it supports creating the message over time rather than providing it all at once.

extends Node
var ctx = HMACContext.new()

func _ready():
    var key = "supersecret".to_utf8_buffer()
    var err = ctx.start(HashingContext.HASH_SHA256, key)
    assert(err == OK)
    var msg1 = "this is ".to_utf8_buffer()
    var msg2 = "super duper secret".to_utf8_buffer()
    err = ctx.update(msg1)
    assert(err == OK)
    err = ctx.update(msg2)
    assert(err == OK)
    var hmac = ctx.finish()