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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.


Inherits: MultiplayerAPI < RefCounted < Object

Base class used for extending the MultiplayerAPI.


This class can be used to augment or replace the default MultiplayerAPI implementation via script or extensions.

The following example augment the default implementation (SceneMultiplayer) by logging every RPC being made, and every object being configured for replication.

extends MultiplayerAPIExtension
class_name LogMultiplayer

# We want to augment the default SceneMultiplayer.
var base_multiplayer = SceneMultiplayer.new()

func _init():
    # Just passthrough base signals (copied to var to avoid cyclic reference)
    var cts = connected_to_server
    var cf = connection_failed
    var pc = peer_connected
    var pd = peer_disconnected
    base_multiplayer.connected_to_server.connect(func(): cts.emit())
    base_multiplayer.connection_failed.connect(func(): cf.emit())
    base_multiplayer.peer_connected.connect(func(id): pc.emit(id))
    base_multiplayer.peer_disconnected.connect(func(id): pd.emit(id))

func _poll():
    return base_multiplayer.poll()

# Log RPC being made and forward it to the default multiplayer.
func _rpc(peer: int, object: Object, method: StringName, args: Array) -> Error:
    print("Got RPC for %d: %s::%s(%s)" % [peer, object, method, args])
    return base_multiplayer.rpc(peer, object, method, args)

# Log configuration add. E.g. root path (nullptr, NodePath), replication (Node, Spawner|Synchronizer), custom.
func _object_configuration_add(object, config: Variant) -> Error:
    if config is MultiplayerSynchronizer: